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1. Why should start your own online business?

Because it's absolutely free and you will need only one hour to set it up to generate the revenue.

2. How much can you make?

You can make up to $2,000.00/month for every referral you refer.

3. Isn't this just a MLM system?

No! And does it matter from where does money come as long as it's legal?

4. Will there be any hidden fees, expenses or costs?

No! We don't even have payment tolls setup to except payments! You won't find anywhere any request for your credit card, Paypal or Alertpay account.

5. Why do I need to improve pagerank?

Every page on internet has pagerank. Higher is pagerank more traffic you get!

6. If I gather only PR 3 will it help?

It's better then PR 0. Once you get PR 3 you can get higher too and start earning living online.

7. How many times and how much will I get paid?

You'll get paid every time someone visit your sponsor page and click on it.

8. Can I become a millionaire through this system?

In ideal world maybe, but in the system you depend on other participants and it' safe to say that you can easy make $30,000 or more for each referred referral. You have to teach each of referrals how important is to do the same you are doing and than you can hope to come close to $279,000 per referral.

9. Isn't it as every other system?

No! We offer payouts in 48 hours and we don't require any deposit or payment. You just need one single hour to do all necessary tasks. Of course more time you dedicate more money you make. If you refer just 2 referrals the outcome will be different than if you refer 10, 20 or 30 referrals.

10. It's hard to get referrals because people don't trust such systems?

Don't take it personal, just get your referral URL and post it in all forums, groups and social networks. When people see they really don't need to pay anything and they can earn in 48 hours their first payout, they'll go for it. They are already doing that or you wouldn't be here. They are doing it a lot.