Purchasing an Employment E-book guaranties you will get access to over 90,000 open positions to apply for job per Salary. You won't pay any processing, background check or application fees.

Jobs you can apply for are:

1. Affiliate Manager (3,021)
2. Article Writer (60)
3. Backlink Specialist (300)
4. CPA Specialist (Research) (73)
5. Independent Freelancer (45,471)
        Virtual Assistant
        Project Management
        Sales and Lead Generation
        Advertising Specialist
        Web Design
        Web Programming
        Software Developer (Open Source Profit Share)
        Game Development
        Creative Writing
6. Keyword Research (51)
7. Member Guide (271)
8. Recruiter & similar jobs (7,003)
9. SEO Specialist  & similar jobs (1923)
10. Tele Sales (17,002)
11. Traffic Broker & similar jobs (10,019)
12. Traffic Seller & similar jobs (10,401)
13. Own a business

  When you refer a referral you'll be getting for certain period of time commission on referral's activities depending what kind of job will your referral choose.

Best commission at the moment is on Tele Marketers which is sometimes over $40 per day.

When you buy the E-book it is guaranteed that you will get the job you apply for since the E-book will explain to you all that is involved. Those who buy the E-book also get free online training and orientation which involves being walked through the tasks involved in the job. Ongoing support is also given to such applicants until they can stand on their own. So unlike those who apply otherwise, when you buy the E-book, you are basically buying yourself a guaranteed qualification for the job, which includes training, processing and/ application fee, as well as a background check. All such services are included in your purchase fee for this E-book. Those who do not buy the E-book end up paying twice as much and don't have the luxury of being helped out through the complex journey to permanent qualification for these most envied job positions!

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You can also earn your E-book which will take a while!